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Portfolio Management Services (Non – Institutional)

Subsequent to obtaining the SEBI Registration; we provide PMS services. We provide discretionary as well as non-discretionary portfolio management Services. The main target client group for this product group is HNIs and family office organisations.

Discretionary PMS

Under DPM Services, the Portfolio Manager shall deploy the Portfolio of its Clients by investing and/or divesting suitably in the Indian capital markets as per the Act and the Regulations.

The Portfolio Manager shall act in fiduciary capacity, both as an agent as well as trustee, with regards to the Client’s Portfolio consisting of investments, accruals, benefits, allotments, calls, refunds, returns, privileges, entitlements,substitutions and / or replacements or any other beneficial interest including dividend, interest, rights, bonu as well as residual cash balances, if any (represented both by quantity and in monetary value).

The Portfolio Manager will provide DPM Services which includes the responsibility of managing, renewing and reshuffling the Portfolio, buying and selling of Securities, keeping safe custody of the Securities and monitoring book closures, dividend, bonus, rights etc. so that all benefits accrue to the Client’s Portfolio, for an agreed fees structure, entirely at the risk of the Client.

The Portfolio Manager shall have the sole and absolute discretion to invest on behalf of the Client in any type of Securities as defined herein in such markets and make such changes in the investments in such manner as it may deem fit.

The Portfolio Manager’s decision (taken in good faith) in deployment of the Client’s Portfolio is absolute and final and cannot be called in question or be open to review at any time during the currency of the Agreement or anytime thereafter except on the grounds of malafide, fraud, conflict of interest or gross negligence.

This Portfolio Manager shall always function in accordance with the relevant Acts, Rules and Regulations, guidelines and notifications in force from time to time.


Non-Discretionary PMS

Non-Discretionary Portfolio management is wherein the portfolio is managed by the manager in accordance with the requirements and directions of the client, without complete independence unlike the discretionary portfolio management services. This service is more suitable for a informed HNI or investor group with pre-defined set of investment objectives and strategy.