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Portfolio Management Services (Non – Institutional)

Subsequent to obtaining the SEBI Registration; we provide PMS services. We provide discretionary as well as non-discretionary portfolio management Services. The main target client group for this product group is HNIs and family office organisations.

Discretionary PMS
  • Investment Objective: To generate medium to long-term capital growth (3-4 years) by identifying undervalued stocks and those with growth opportunities on stock exchanges in India.
  • Strategy: We have three main type of investment strategy portfolios:
    • Value Portfolio: It will be positioned to invest in low multiple stocks with high margin of safety with an objective of earning dividend yields or slow but steady capital appreciation. This portfolio may regularly also invest in liquid or debt funds for ensuring low capital depreciation risk. The fund will normally invest in stocks of Large Cap, Mid and small cap companies that have a sound track record, quality management, earnings and growth potentials and strong fundamentals.
    • Growth Portfolio: It will be positioned to invest in high growth companies which could potentially provide capital appreciation opportunities with risk adjusted returns. This portfolio would follow a combination of top-down approach as well as bottom up approach to investing.
    • High Growth Portfolio: It will be position to invest in turnaround companies which could potentially provide high capital appreciation as well as strong possibility of dividend yields in the long term. This portfolio would follow a bottom up approach to investing. Further this stock may undertake short term trading opportunities in cash well as derivative markets.
    • However; depending our demand from customers we may modify these planned portfolio funds as well as create customised portfolios with unique strategies as and when required.
  • Minimum Investment: K 25 lakhs for each portfolio client.
  • Revenue Model: The revenue model for EAML would include a fixed service fee of certain percentage of the size of the portfolio being managed and a performance fee in form of profit sharing percentage with relevant hurdle rates / high water mark levels as and where applicable.
Non-Discretionary PMS

Non-Discretionary Portfolio management is wherein the portfolio is managed by the manager in accordance with the requirements and directions of the client, without complete independence unlike the discretionary portfolio management services. This service is more suitable for a informed HNI or investor group with pre-defined set of investment objectives and strategy.