CIN: L17121M2011PLC213451
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Institutional Asset Management

This product classification pertains to asset management and related services targeted towards institutions operating in capital markets with a niche for equity related services. We believe that once we begin our Non Institutional Services mentioned above and create a track record of service and performance levels we can approach institutions to provide these services as explained below:

Discretionary Institutional Fund Management:

In today’s dynamic environment many institutional investors such MFs, FIIs,FPIs etc. appoint PMS license holders as their dedicated AMCs or fund management partners. Our niche insights into SME exchange and other equity based ideas generated could put us in a position of strength to target such institutions looking to launch funds with these focus areas or investment philosophy and further looking to partner with us for such services.

The revenue model for this; would normally be a fixed service charge for portfolio or AUM; however, in certain cases we may even be able to build a performance fee element.

Non-Discretionary Institutional Fund Management:

Non-Discretionary management would involve managing a fund portfolio for institutional investors along tight guidelines approved by the investor with certain minor independencies or NIL independencies.

The revenue model for this service is normally only a fixed service fee of certain percentage of portfolio being managed.

Institutional Advisory or Research Services

This is a fee based product which is not linked to the size of portfolio being advised. In this an institutional investor shall appoint us as advisors or research providers for a fixed fee (payable monthly; quarterly or annually) in order to get stock advice or portfolio advice on specific items. This product is designed towards new clients who would like to start small with us and develop new relations along with fund manager who are looking for additional advisory and trade ideas.

The revenue model for this service would be a subscription fee, divided into different levels based on exhaustiveness of data, type of investment product being advised on and amount of time involved.

Corporate Treasury Advisory Services

Many profitable or well capitalised companies have huge cash or liquid reserves for substantial period of time. These liquid reserves are either awaiting some capital expenditure investment opportunity to get finalised or are in form of working capital funds. We believe that our liquid investment ideas with combination of debt; derivative; arbitrage as well as equity bets could help corporate companies effectively utilise these funds in the short to medium term horizon and further we may also provide long term treasury management advice such as liquid fund based banking set-ups; changes in payment management systems etc. to optimise returns on these funds for the companies.